WebArchiveX builds MHT web archives and it does it much better than "Save as web archive MHT" of Microsoft Internet Explorer! WebArchiveX API lets you tap the functionality of web archiving from your own application within minutes. WebArchiveX COM is a full-featured flexible tool that, unlike Internet Explorer, works independently of any other program, software or library.

WebArchiveX can be used in any type of application and is compatible with a wide range of programming languages and environments. This help provides samples for .NET C#, C++, Java Script, Visual Basic and ASP (Active Server Pages). WebArchiveX package includes sample projects for .NET C#, C++ and Visual Basic.

WebArchiveX API is very rich and if you feel uncomfortable learning it by yourself, please don't hesitate to contact us. We solve 99% of problems within 24 hours.


  • Versatile, fast and robust API
  • Detects and archives dynamically loaded images
  • Supports custom Regular Expression filters
  • Build, ZIP and Email plain or encrypted MHT web archives
  • Supports all programming languages
  • Supports custom HTML tags and MIME types
  • Does not depend on any other software or library


The first version of WebArchiveX came out at 2001. Since then we haven't stopped working on enhancements and improvements. The current version was thoroughly tested in a huge number of environments.

Test Online

WebArchiveX is one of the most powerful tool for web applications, it allows you to create one compressed file with all the web content inside. include images, JavaScript, CSS files in one MHT file, that can be delivered over any media easily.

now you can test the WebArchiveX strength online, just insert a web site url and evaluate the results: