iBeaconX - BLE Indoor Navigating

iBeacons is a Bluetooth 4.0 low energy beacon for indoor positioning and navigation.


Bluetooth 4.0 low energy beacon for indoor positioning and navigation. Placing only 3 beacons in a room enables us to calculate the exact position of any bluetooth 4.0 device, like iPhone 4.0s, iPad or samsung galaxy mobile phone. Using our mobile application on your device it is possible to view and route your way to your destination in the best possible way.

How does it work?

iBeacons are tiny battery operating devices, that sends bluetooth low energy signals constantly. Almost all new smartphones and mobile devices are equipped with BLE recivers that are sensitive to the iBeacons signals and may alert the user of proximity changes from the iBeacons

The iBeacon is transmitting a universally unique identifier that allows us to attach a content (description, photo..) to each iBeacon and later on display this content on the user mobile device or further more to take other actions such as open doors, turn on electorinic devices etc...

One more important use of the iBeacons is the proximity data, when using more than 3 beacons in a room, it is possible to calcuate the mobile device position in the room, relatively to the beacons devices

iBeacon device
transmits universally unique identifier
Mobile device aware of BLE
Parking Lot navigation

iBeaconX now opens a new world of opportunities that is required in all of your daily tasks. As we all know, we spend over 80% of our time at indoor locations, such as oranizations, restaurants, public buildings, parking lots etc...

Here are some examples of our iBeaconX applications:


    Museum displays and exabitions information.


    Shopping malls products coupons and product information.


    Supermarket navigation using your shopping list.


    Hospitals departments navigation.


    Inside parking lot, finding your car.


    Airports indoor navigation.

Shopping mall product information